Breitbart: Pompeo In Iowa: ‘time To Go Crush It,’ Go Into ‘every Nook And Cranny Of America And Retake’ What Made U.S. Special

July 17, 2021


Pompeo, who as Secretary of State and previously CIA director for Trump, was barred from engaging in domestic politics when he served as the nation’s top diplomat. He seemed to relish this opportunity to mix it up with the left on the issues of the day in the state that will just over two and a half years from now caucus to help determine the Republican nominee for president. He also regularly joked with the audience, showing off a sense of humor that prompted one attendee to thank him for bringing his sense of humor on such serious subjects to the gathering.

“I’ve now been an unemployed former diplomat for six months so I’ve had a chance to get out and meet and talk to folks like you as I did when I was a member of Congress four or five years ago. You all get it. You all are taking after it,” Pompeo said, hyping his new organization called Champion American Values PAC, or CAVPAC for short.

While he’s off the leash now politically, he warned that President Joe Biden is as well — a Democrat who he said represents “trouble” for America.

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