Breitbart: Pompeo Calls for ‘Pipehitters’

June 22, 2021


Exclusive — Pompeo Calls for ‘Pipehitters’: Time for ‘People Who Care About America Deeply’ to ‘Be Engaged’

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told Breitbart News he is calling for “Pipehitters” to get engaged all across America in the battle for the soul of the country.

“A Pipehitter — it’s really straightforward,” Pompeo said when asked to define the term, which comes from military jargon. “A Pipehitter — there’s lots of Pipehitters out there. These are just people who work hard, who tell the truth, who keep their faith, who are fearless, who aren’t going to be canceled, who are going to take a little bit of time on a Tuesday night to go to a city council meeting or on a Wednesday night to go to their church’s chili cook off. These are people who care about America deeply. They’re willing to suffer some costs to defend the things we all care about. Frankly, Pipehitters get stuff done. It came from a phrase — a guy who worked for me at CIA, I asked him about a young lady and said ‘how is she? Is she good for this new position.’ He said, ‘sir, she’s a Pipehitter. She’s a Pipehitter. She gets stuff done. She is determined. She is focused and she knows what the mission is and she’s going to stop until she’s got it completed.’”

“CAVPAC is the organization that I’m going to lead that’s going to help us take back the House of Representatives and the United States Senate,” Pompeo said. “But I’m going to work on city council races, county commission races, all across America. I think all your viewers know what’s happening in our schools is crazy. What’s happening in our local communities with our sheriff’s offices and police forces is crazy. We know we will Champion American Values — that’s the acronym for CAVPAC — Champion American Values. But it’s also a nod — I was a young soldier a couple decades ago. I was in the cavalry. The cavalry sounds the alarm and rides to the sound of the guns. That’s what we all need to do between now and November of 2022 and when we do we will stop a whole lot of those things this progressive left wants to foist upon us.”

Pompeo said that people who care about America and share former President Donald Trump’s vision for this country “have to be engaged.”

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