Secretary Pompeo Statement on President Donald Trump

April 10, 2024



April 10, 2024


Secretary Pompeo Statement on President Donald Trump

Today, 70th Secretary of State Mike Pompeo released the following statement:

“Donald Trump is the right person to once again be President of the United States. The security and prosperity of our children depend on it.

As CIA Director and Secretary of State, I served under President Trump to help him put America First—and he delivered amazing outcomes for the American people. He kept us safe and prosperous. PERIOD. The four years since have demonstrated how crucial his leadership was. President Biden’s weakness and radical agenda have and will imperil the future of the American people.

As America approaches this enormously consequential election in November, it is important that we remember where America was just four years ago because of President Donald Trump’s leadership:

  • Countering Terror – No men and women had died fleeing Afghanistan. The Afghan government remained in power. Now more than a dozen families of servicemembers mourn their missing loved ones. Billions of dollars of United States taxpayer equipment had not been handed over to the Taliban and our NATO allies knew that we would not cut and run. We put America (and American lives) First.


  • ISIS – which was cutting the heads of innocents when we took office – had been crushed and its caliphate destroyed. We put America First.


  • Iran did not dare mobilize its proxy forces to attack American military bases over and over and over with nearly zero response – or use its proxies to impact shipping in the Red Sea – all while building its nuclear weapons program to the edge of completion, threatening the US and the world. The Islamic Republic of Iran was nearly broke and rationing funds to its terror network when we left office. We put America First.


  • Hamas, supported by Iran, had not attacked Israel, brutally killing hundreds of innocents and holding Americans hostage. The Abraham Accords had built peace so American young men and women would be far less likely to have to fight and risk their lives in the Middle East. We put America First.


  • Russia, under Putin, had not committed atrocities and conducted an offensive war of aggression in Ukraine, killing tens of thousands and risking American security. Putin took 20% of Ukraine under President Obama, 0% under President Trump, and then went on a killing spree again when President Biden weakly took office. We had deterred Putin and we put America First.


  • Americans, not illegal immigrants, were protected. President Trump had built a sovereign border regime that didn’t allow millions of illegals – and dozens and dozens of terrorists – to cross our border each year only to be released and cause mayhem here. We put America First.


  • China was being challenged. Xi Jinping wasn’t blatantly flying spy balloons over the heads of the American people while the United States welcomed Chinese leaders to the United States to be feted as if they were allied partners. We supported American businesses by punishing Chinese Communist Party trade cheating and by controlling inflation – creating good jobs for American workers. We put America First.


  • NATO had over $400 billion – billion – dollars more committed to its collective efforts by non-US members, and the United States had extended its deterrence to Eastern Europe in ways no recent President had done. We put America First.

President Trump deserves the support of all Americans who believe in the goodness and greatness of our nation, from machinists in Michigan, to farmers in Kansas, to people simply seeking to build a better life for their families. He has my full support, and I hope every American who cares about getting our country back on track will join me. This is not a close call.”