In The News: Pompeo: President Biden, It’s You – Not Republicans – Who’s Bereft Of Ideas

In The News: Pompeo: President Biden, It’s You – Not Republicans – Who’s Bereft Of Ideas

January 27, 2022

President Biden, It’s You – Not Republicans – Who’s Bereft Of Ideas
Michael R. Pompeo
New York Post
January 26, 2022

Mr. President, you asked in your press conference last week, “What are Republicans for? What are they for? Name me one thing they’re for.”

Unfortunately, your cheap rhetoric is emblematic of your unwillingness to obtain advice from anyone beyond your handlers. Mr. President, it is you who appears bereft of ideas to solve our nation’s crises.

Treating all persons as individuals, not as part of a subset of Americans, is the means to vanquish group injustice. Though a stifling political class represses duty, honor, wholesomeness and faith, these traits are the heart of America: their beat is strong for those who have ears to listen. We are for them.

Republicans realize freedom is in jeopardy, for the self-anointed ruling class that bankrolls the Democratic Party to cloak their own greed does not understand liberty. These usurpers pocket the hard-earned money of citizens or print it, causing inflation, the most regressive of taxes. The cost of basic goods ─ food, gas and shelter ─ constitute the greatest proportion of wages for working Americans who do not have letters after their names.

Republicans know parents and families are central to civilizational success. We are for them, while you, Mr. President, seek to mandate that our children wear masks and are taught that our nation is predicated on a racist understanding of our founding.

Republicans believe that we must reinvigorate our schools and learn from history, not destroy it, and that parents should choose where their children are educated.

Republicans believe that China is an existential threat and cannot be trusted. Beijing hid the origin of a vicious plague, permitting it to reach every corner of the globe, killing millions and wreaking devastation.

We must thwart China’s theft of American jobs and intellectual property. Communist China cannot be placated; it must be confronted and its deceits and crimes exposed, but this is impossible for an administration that does not believe in American exceptionalism.

Mr. President, you promised to burnish other nations’ respect for America, but you are the architect of the deadly and calamitous retreat from Afghanistan that has both armed and invigorated our country’s enemies. Republicans are for supporting friends like Israel, while you sit in Vienna with the butchers of Tehran negotiating with theocrats seeking to destroy Jerusalem, the birthplace of our Abrahamic traditions.

American energy independence is lost, for you put Russia and Saudi Arabia in charge, with predictable results. Inflation is rampant, and our economy is in tatters.

Will you change course, sir, or will you preside over the collapse of our principles, our traditions and our civil society?

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